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March 9th, 2016

041: The PHP-FIG: Past, Present & Future

The PHP-FIG has really helped the PHP community get onboard the collaboration train with really great standards like the PSR-4 autoloading standard and the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces.

We discuss PSR-0 through PSR-13 and th


The PHP Framework Interop Group: Past, Present & Future Show Summary

> Show note merge conflict. For this episode, both Chris Shaw and Ken Guest sent in a pull request with the show notes which created quite a merge conflict. :) But I'm very happy for your

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Cal Evans

Paul Jones

  • Has been working with PHP since 1999, and in that time has been everything from a junior developer to a VP of engineering.
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP is a step-by-step guide to refactoring an include-oriented page-based spaghetti mess of an application into one that is autoloaded, dependency-injected, unit-tested, layer-separated, and front-controlled.
  • Solving the N+1 Problem in PHP is guide to identifying and resolving a particularly nasty performance problem related to building domain objects using SQL queries.
  • Aura for PHP is a collection of truly-independent library packages; not only are they decoupled from any framework, they are also decoupled from each other so that none of them have any dependencies.
  • Blogs at

Paul Dragoonis

  • PHP-FIG member
  • team member and a key player in the new modernization of
  • PPI Framework Engine, which takes concepts such as hexagonal architecture and microservices, it lets you choose which parts of frameworks you wish to use on a per-feature basis. As such each feature makes its own independent decisions, allowing you to pick the best tools from the best PHP frameworks.

Chris Tankersley

Michael Cullum

  • Legacy projects (e.g. phpBB or WordPress) you've not looked at in a while to see if they've improved
  • PHP South Coast Conference in the UK

Matthew Weier O’Phinney

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