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June 25th, 2022

085: PHP UG Orgs.

With life getting closer and closer to normal, User Groups are making a comeback. Running a PHP Usergroup can be very rewarding at times and feel thankless at other times. There is a lot of benefit to becoming a Usergroup Organizer, like deciding what the group talks about at meetups. At this Roundtable, we talk with several PHP Usergroup organizers and discuss the pros and cons of running a PHP User Group and what some helpful tips and tricks are.


Sara Golemon

The State of PHP Usergroup Organizers Show Summary


Joe Ferguson

Ben Ramsey

Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

  • Sara is @SaraMG@Mastodon.Technology
  • She works on getting XP in video games and torturing PHP
  • Works on the XHP extension for PHP - XHTML embedded in PHP

Eric Van Johnson

Passionate about the PHP Programming language. I am currently one of the team members behind PHP Architect and the DiegoDev Group. I also have a couple of podcast including this one, PHPRoundtable, along with PHPUgly and the PHP[podcast]

Rick Kuipers

Bob Bloom

Independent dev, specializing @laravelphp, LaSalle Software (FOSS), co-organizes PHP meet-ups, podcaster, streamer, father of three, and husband of one.

Rafael Dohms

Andreas Heigl

Chris Spruck

The organizer of AtlantaPHP UserGroup, Software Engineer at @ShootProof; into hiking, biking & outdoors, science, vintage cars, travel, hockey