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October 19th, 2014

005: PHP Internals - Past, Present & Future

How the sausage is made. Taking a look at PHP's history and where it's going in the future.


Sara Golemon

PHP Internals - Past, Present & Future Show Summary

  • 2:00 - Guest Introductions
  • 4:00 - Show Begins
  • 4:15 - Op code pops up alot in PHP Internals. Machine readable version of your script, it's what PHP actually steps through as it is executing your program.
  • 5:50


Anthony Ferrara

Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

  • Sara is @SaraMG@Mastodon.Technology
  • She works on getting XP in video games and torturing PHP
  • Works on the XHP extension for PHP - XHTML embedded in PHP

Elizabeth Smith

Joe Watkins

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