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February 22nd, 2016

039: From Idea To Production: Part 2

We get an update on status of the project we discussed in part 1 and discuss next steps to take our dance event management app idea to production.


Dan Yamamoto

Part 2: Turning an idea into code for production Show Summary


Developer Shout-Out

Thank you, Ben Corlett for your work on the oauth1-client lib. A $50 Amazon gift card from Laracasts is on its way to you.

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Steven Maguire

  • Built and launched a product that protects your email inbox from being overrun with system monitoring alerts via rules and filters. I am looking for a few more beta testers to signup and put it through its paces. Signup at!
  • Loves pizza, especially when other people pay for it @ :)
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Jocelyn Lopez

Dan Yamamoto

Dan Yamamoto

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