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April 15th, 2015

017: Modernizing Legacy Codebases in PHP

We discuss practical ways of dealing with legacy codebases and address the question of, "to rewrite or to refactor"? We also talk about how we should manage client expectations when working with a legacy codebase. And finally we discuss some general strat


How To Convert A Legacy Codebase To Modern PHP Show Summary

What is legacy code?

  • Any code that doesn't have tests
  • Code you have inherited from someone else
  • Code you wrote yourself several years ago
  • In PHP Specifically:
    • Include-oriented/page-based (as opposed to object-oriented and front-contro

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Paul Jones

  • Has been working with PHP since 1999, and in that time has been everything from a junior developer to a VP of engineering.
  • Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP is a step-by-step guide to refactoring an include-oriented page-based spaghetti mess of an application into one that is autoloaded, dependency-injected, unit-tested, layer-separated, and front-controlled.
  • Solving the N+1 Problem in PHP is guide to identifying and resolving a particularly nasty performance problem related to building domain objects using SQL queries.
  • Aura for PHP is a collection of truly-independent library packages; not only are they decoupled from any framework, they are also decoupled from each other so that none of them have any dependencies.
  • Blogs at

Hugo Hamon

Franziska Hinkelmann

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