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October 13th, 2023

088: Developer Relations

Join us on the next PHPRoundtable as we decode the superheroes behind the scenes in the tech world! No, they don't wear capes (usually), but they're the bridge-builders, the peace-makers, and the tech whisperers. Dive into the enigmatic world of Developer Relations, find out who they are, what magic they weave, and how they keep both sides of the code fence talking. It's 'Relations'... but not the kind you're thinking.


Sara Golemon

Bridging Binaries: The Dance of Developer Diplomacy Show Summary

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Eric Van Johnson

Passionate about the PHP Programming language. I am currently one of the team members behind PHP Architect. I also have a couple of podcast including this one, PHPRoundtable, along with PHPUgly and the PHP[podcast]

Cal Evans

Keith Casey Jr

David Stokes

Technology Evangelist for Percona Corporation CommunityJustin, TX Blog:

Steve McDougall

Steve McDougall is a conference speaker, technical writer, and YouTube livestreamer. During the day, he works on building API tools for Treblle, and in the evenings, he spends most of his time writing content or contributing to the PHP open-source community. Whatever you do, don't ask him his opinion on twitter/X @JustSteveKing

Jim Seconde

(he/him) Developer Advocate @vonage,speaker/writer/engineer/actor, @brumphpfounder, @thefusion_hub/ @techmidsTeam, Husband, Dad, European, failed DJ.

Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

  • Sara is @SaraMG@Mastodon.Technology
  • She works on getting XP in video games and torturing PHP
  • Works on the XHP extension for PHP - XHTML embedded in PHP

Tim Lytle