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May 11th, 2022

084: Back at the Table

There has been a long hiatus from the Roundtable but we are back. This month I am joined by Sara Golemon, Joe Ferguson, and Ben Ramsey and we talk about the current state of PHP.


Sara Golemon
Ben Ramsey

Back at the Table Show Summary

Ben shared with us his experience being a Release Manager for PHP 8.1. We also talk about the voting process for Release Manager voting for 8.2 ( Congratulations to Sergey Panteleev and Pierrick Charron on becoming the Release Managers for PHP 8.2. We share our thoughts on how to follow along with discussions happening on PHP Internals.

We also talk about PHP Internal's move to Github ( What's been going on at the PHP Foundation. Joining PHP Social-verse and the overall Fediverse at The return of PHP in-person Meetups and Conferences and MergePHP -


Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

  • Sara is @SaraMG@Mastodon.Technology
  • She works on getting XP in video games and torturing PHP
  • Works on the XHP extension for PHP - XHTML embedded in PHP

Joe Ferguson

Ben Ramsey

Ben Ramsey

Eric Van Johnson

Passionate about the PHP Programming language. I am currently one of the team members behind PHP Architect. I also have a couple of podcast including this one, PHPRoundtable, along with PHPUgly and the PHP[podcast]