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June 14th, 2024

090: PHPRoundtable June 2024

In this episode on PHPRoundtable, the panel discusses the adoption and current state of PHP in the industry. We also shared our thoughts on what we feel could be some potential improvements to the development experience. We also talk about the importance of understanding PHP's internals and embracing change to keep up with the evolving landscape.


Sara Golemon

PHPRoundtable June 2024 Show Summary

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Eric Van Johnson

Passionate about the PHP Programming language. I am currently one of the team members behind PHP Architect. I also have a couple of podcast including this one, PHPRoundtable, along with PHPUgly and the PHP[podcast]

Sara Golemon

Sara Golemon

  • Sara is @SaraMG@Mastodon.Technology
  • She works on getting XP in video games and torturing PHP
  • Works on the XHP extension for PHP - XHTML embedded in PHP

TJ Miller

Code cowboy by day, star gazer by night. Proud ADHD advocate. Loves creating and exploring. Currently building Sparkle for Laravel. Flips knives for fun. #laravel #ai #llm

Joe Ferguson

Gina Peter Banyard

I'm a PHP core developer and documentation writer, funded by @thephpf Lead maintainer, and master of typos, for the French translation of the PHP documentation. BSc in pure mathematics Photograph/Otaku in my spare time