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083: 10 Years of Laravel

10 years of Laravel, and the framework continues to grow stronger with the passing of each release. More and more talented developers are creating packages and contributing to the overall health of Laravel.



082: A Seat at the Table

Sammy opens the Roundtable back up. Everyone talks about what they've been doing for the past few years. What we are up to now. And what the future holds for The PHPRoundtable.



081: PHP-FIG 3.0

There have been lots of big changes happening with the PHP-FIG. Today we chat with a number of figgies to get the inside scoop on what has changed and also get a glimpse inside of the latest accepted standard, [PSR-18: HTTP Clie



080: PHP Internals: Preloading, FFI & More

We'll be deep-diving into some PHP internals goodness that you won't want to miss. We'll go behind the scenes of preloading, a possible [foreign function interface](



079: GDPR For PHP Devs

The first major piece of legislation that we've seen attempt to regulate how our personal information is handled on the web is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Today we c


Upcoming Episodes

Late October (tentative)

All Things Drupal

We talk about the Drupal and its ecosystem.

Late November (tentative)

PHP UG Orgs.

Running a PHP Usergroup can be very rewarding at times and feel thankless at other times. There is a lot of benefit to becoming a Usergroup Organizer, like deciding what the group talks about at meetups. At this Roundtable, we talk with several PHP Usergr

Mid-December (tentative)

PHP Podcasters

PHP is fortunate to have a lot of podcasts. From package and framework-specific to publications, disgruntle ugly developers, and Roundtables. This panel we throw a bunch of us together and talk about why we podcast and what we get out of it.

Late January (tentative)

PHP Internals RFC

In what I am hoping becomes a regular series of podcasts, we talk to PHP Internals members and some of the RFC's being discussed.

Mid-February (tentative)

Students PHP Life

We talk to educators and students about what it's like to teach and learn PHP.